Elite Smart Card

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The Elite Smart Card is elegant and made of thick durable plastic. Easy setup. No tech skills required. Be up and running in minutes.

  1. Mark Morse

    Very cool!!

  2. Joe Pringle Sr (verified owner)

    Awesome tool for anyone that does networking! I was literally going to order new cards, AGAIN! Now I don’t have to. Love that it’s customizable on the fly and there’s ONE easy payment! Great job!

  3. Thelma Brittain

    Absolutely amazing! This card will save me a lot of money on business cards. I can’t wait to buy one:)

  4. Ranshure Smith

    A must for me

  5. La Kendra Hudson (verified owner)

    Just ordered my card and I’m excited to get started. I’ll update another review after I’ve truly gotten started

  6. Bryan (verified owner)

    This Card is incredible! No more buying business cards for me ! I must tool for any business!

  7. Kecia Morris

    This very cool and smart and the best of the best to seen . God is Good . Wow never imagine that awesome I’m ordering me way thanks for sharing.

  8. Benjamin Davis (verified owner)

    So cool can’t wait to tell Seattle

  9. Scott Bland (verified owner)

    I’ve been working with Caujuan Mayo for several years. As a personal development coach, this ONE-TIME fee of $30 will save me a whole lot over the years with my interactions – flyers, business cards, postcards, etc… simply tap the card to a phone and information is transferred. Not only that, but they can have a picture to remember who you are! Great work Caujuan! I wish you nothing but success sir.

  10. Ralph Stephens

    I would love to have on my iPhone 7 Plus

  11. Richard Wilcox

    I’m in retail sales; this is a amazing tool which will help all customers and future ones remember me! It replaces paper business cards and It will bridge the gap with clients that don’t give you a cell # to send them a digital business card. I like that my contact info will be placed within their compatible cell phone within seconds.
    Rich :0)

  12. Bobby Kim

    It’s a No Brainer!!! $30 One Time and never have to buy business cards ever again…

  13. Stan Williams (verified owner)

    I’m really enjoying my Elite Smart Card. It’s so simple and easy to use.
    This amazing technology is already saving me hundreds of dollars by
    not having to design and purchase my own business cards, flyers and

  14. Sherrie Sullivan (verified owner)

    Great to use while networking. It sells itself. A must have.

  15. Eddie (verified owner)

    I Love this Card… it Gives my Business a very Classy Appearance and it has the Awe Factory when others see what it does.

  16. jJohn S (verified owner)

    Just purchased the card and waiting for it to come in the mail.
    Maybe purchase one more for my wife

  17. Chilly Afonne

    Very nice one with easy access

  18. Rezuana

    I love this card…

  19. NorShakirah

    nice one

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